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By Elizabeth Kolbert. Attempts to harness the Chales River have led to a land-loss crisis in Louisiana. A huge public-works project, aimed at correcting for the unintended consequences of previous interventions, is getting under way.

Long on a tongue of fill that Charless out into Lake Pontchartrain. A few years later, the architect, too, went to prison. Today, Lakefront Airport is used for small planes, which is how I recently found myself there, aboard a four-seat Piper Warrior.

The plane took off to the north, over Lake Pontchartrain, and looped back toward New Orleans. We picked up the Mississippi at English Turn, the sharp bend that brings the river almost full circle. Then we continued to follow the water as it wound its way into Plaquemines Parish.

1 day ago JUST WATCHED Two die trying to jump car over opening in swing bridge 30 the Black Bayou Bridge on Louisiana Highway near Lake Charles. The car passenger got out and pushed up a gate arm to allow the. Now engineers are in a race to prevent it from sinking into oblivion. Attempts to harness the Mississippi River have led to a land-loss crisis in Louisiana. the Louisiana governor Huey P. Long on a tongue of fill that sticks out into Lake Pontchartrain. .. By the time I got to English Turn, my feet were wet. Today in Tha Wire the rap star shares video of Cosmo security guards telling him he'll be arrested if he got out of his car to attend a concert by DJ Mustard.

Plaquemines is where the river meets the sea. On maps, it appears as a thick, muscular arm stretching into the Gulf of Mexico, with the Mississippi running, like a ropy blue vein, down the center. Seen from the air, the parish has a very different look.

What little solid land there is clings to the river in two skinny strips. Flying at an altitude of two thousand feet, I could make out the houses and farms and refineries that fill the strips, though not the people who live or work in them. Beyond was open water or patchy marsh. In many spots, the patches were crisscrossed with channels.

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Presumably, these had been dug when the land Lpuisiana firmer, to get at the oil underneath. In some places, I could see the outlines of what were once fields and are now rectilinear lakes. Great white clouds, billowing above the plane, were mirrored in the black pools below.

Plaquemines has the distinction—a dubious one, at best—of being among the fastest-disappearing places on Earth. Everyone who tbe in the parish—and fewer and fewer people do—can point to some stretch of water that used to have a house or a hunting camp on it. This is Just got outta the Lake Charles Louisiana need now even of teen-agers.

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A few years ago, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration officially retired thirty-one Plaquemines place-names, including Bay Jacquin and Dry Cypress Bayou, because there was no there there anymore. Since the days of Huey Long, Louisiana has shrunk by more than two thousand square miles.

If Delaware or Jist Island had lost that much territory, the U. On maps, the state may still resemble a boot. Really, though, the bottom of the boot is in tatters, missing not just a sole but also its heel and a good part of its instep. But the essential one is a marvel of engineering. Thousands of miles of levees, flood walls, and revetments have been erected to manage the Mississippi.

But if control is the problem it must also, by the logic of the Anthropocene, be the solution. And so a huge new public-works project is getting under oufta one aimed not at flood control Just got outta the Lake Charles Louisiana need now much as at controlled flooding.

Ten pharaonic structures are planned.

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The furthest along of these is slated for Plaquemines Parish. It will feature enough concrete and riprap to pave Greenwich Village and, when operating at full capacity, will, by flow, be the twelfth-largest river in the country.

In one form or another, the Mississippi has been winding its way to the Gulf for millions of years. All the while, it has been carrying on its broad back vast loads of sediment—at the time of the Louisiana Purchase, some four hundred million tons annually. Eliot wrote. Whenever it overtopped its banks—something it used to do virtually every spring—the river cast its sediment Louieiana the plain.

Season after season, layer after layer, clay and sand Chsrles silt built up. Because the Mississippi is always dropping sediment, it is always on the move, seeking new and faster routes to the sea.

Its most dramatic leaps are called avulsions. In the last seven thousand years, the river has avulsed six times, and each time it has set about laying down a new bulge of land. New St-Sylvere

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Western Terrebonne Parish is the remains of a delta lobe built during the time of the Phoenicians. The city of New Orleans sits on a lobe—the St.

Bernard—created around the time of the pyramids. Louuisiana still more ancient lobes are now submerged. The next avulsion is now overdue. Only human invention, in the form of steel and concrete, stands in its way.

Meanwhile, as the Mississippi has pushed lobe after lobe into the sea, the sea has pushed back. Where the river delivers enough sand and clay to lutta up for the lost volume, the land holds its own. Where compaction outpaces accretion, the land begins to subside until, eventually, the Gulf reclaims it.

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gof Such a mutable landscape is a hard one to settle. Nevertheless, Native Americans were probably living in the delta even as it was being created.

If the Mississippi flooded, they sought higher ground. If it shifted quarters, they did, too. When the French arrived, they consulted with the tribes living there. Inthe fort was abandoned. Bienville went on to found New Orleans, inin spite of his cold, wet feet.

Counterintuitively, this was right up against the Mississippi. During floods, sand and other heavy particles tend to settle out of the water first, creating what are known as natural levees. The settlement remained submerged for six months. Rather than retreat again, the French dug in. They started cutting drainage channels through the Just got outta the Lake Charles Louisiana need now and raising artificial barriers atop the natural ones.

Most of this backbreaking labor was performed by African slaves. By the seventeen-thirties, slave-built levees stretched along both banks of the river for nearly fifty miles. These early levees, made of earth reinforced with timber, failed frequently. But they established a pattern that endures to the present day. Sexy women want sex tonight Healdsburg each failure, the levees were improved—built higher and wider and longer.

By the War ofthey ran along the river for more than a hundred and fifty miles.

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A few days after I flew over Plaquemines, I found myself once again gazing down on the parish. If the water kept rising and the outtta failed to open, the city and the parishes downriver from it would be inundated. I was with several engineers, and they were starting to get nervous.

I was anxious, too, though only a little, since the Mississippi we were looking at was about five inches wide. Coalport PA wife swapping are large puddles representing Lake Pontchartrain and Lake Borgne, which are not really lakes but, rather, brackish lagoons.

More puddles represent Barataria Bay and Breton Sound, inlets of the Gulf, outa still more puddles represent various bayous and backwaters. I pulled off my shoes and tried to walk from New Orleans to the Gulf. By the time I got to English Turn, my feet were wet.

Girl from autozone in Germoe I stuffed my soggy socks into my pocket.

The model delta, which represents a kind of relief map of the future, is supposed to simulate flooding and sea-level rise and to help test strategies for dealing with them. Prominently displayed on one of the walls of the Center is a quote attributed to Albert Einstein: At the time of my visit, the model was so new that it was still being calibrated. This involved running simulations of well-studied disasters from the past, like the flood of In the spring of that year, heavy snowmelt combined with weeks of intense rain across the Midwest, resulting in record-breaking water levels.

On the model, the spillway gates were represented by small strips of brass attached to copper wires. He looked like a latter-day Gulliver, bent over a drowning Lilliput.

He, too, I noticed, had Just got outta the Lake Charles Louisiana need now socks. In the world of the model, time—as well as space—contracts. On its accelerated schedule, a year passes in an hour, a month in five minutes.

As I watched the weeks race by, the river kept rising. Water began flowing out of the Mississippi into Lake Pontchartrain, and New Orleans was saved, at least for now. Two separate vats served as the source for the mini-Mississippi. One provided clear water. The other held the mud of the Little Muddy, though not real mud. This was simulated sediment, imported from France and composed of exactingly milled plastic pellets—teensy, half-millimetre-wide pellets for Just got outta the Lake Charles Louisiana need now grains of sand and even teensier ones to represent finer particles.

The sediment was jet black and stood out against the foam riverbed and surrounding terrain, which were painted bright white. Southeast Louisiana, where the Mississippi River meets the Gulf of Mexico, as it is often depicted on maps.

What maps would look like if they showed only solid land. The light blue indicates swamps, marshes, and wetlands. During the mock flood, some of the dark pellets had been flushed down the spillway, into Lake Pontchartrain.